Decorative, Functional and Ideal Bathroom Lighting Design


Ruler, orient able spotlight or ceiling lamp: choosing the right luminaire to illuminate your bathroom is essential. Installed above the mirror, on the walls or on the ceiling, the bathroom lighting design must be decorative, functional and up to standards with volumes and classes. Generally, the ruler is installed above the mirror and washbasin. This allows for optimal lighting when you do your daily toilet. Follow our advice in the light of day! Although the bathroom is a functional room, nothing prevents to relax and feel good, it is even recommended because it is in this very often that begins the day!

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Since most bathrooms do not have a window, it is important that they are well lit. In all cases, use white lights so that the bathroom lighting design generated is closest to daylight. Who says spot, said recessed lighting or rail? In the ceiling, in the walls, or above a piece of furniture, spots can find their place almost everywhere! Fixed or adjustable, round or square, surface or recessed, the spots are various and varied. More and more, the spots are equipped with LEDs (which replace a traditional bulb or halogen) which provides a powerful lighting while minimizing energy consumption.

The important thing when you want to install spots is to choose the right model according to the place of the bathroom where you want to install them – depending on the volumes. For this, we must refer to the standard that regulates their implementation for obvious safety issues! Like spotlights, wall sconces can be installed almost anywhere in the bathroom. In contrast, wall bathroom lighting design do not fit and are essentially fixed projecting. Depending on the wall model, you will get indirect lighting or direct lighting. The minimum IP depends on the volume in which the lighting is installed in the bathroom in order to guarantee sufficient protection against splashing water.

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